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Scott Collier (USA)



The past few years have been big for the insanely talented, Scott Collier, and there is no doubt that 2015 will topple his previous success. When not performing his regular shows at Tootsies Orchid Lounge on Broadway, Scott is in high demand performing over 240 shows a year across the US and abroad. It’s no wonder he has won the Ohio Entertainer of the Year Award.

The motto that Collier lives by whilst performing is “I love connecting with people onstage, that’s what I’m put on earth to do.” This becomes incredibly evident when watching him perform, as his music is more than just lyrics and melodies – it is about believing, making a statement, passion and even just making someone smile.

This all started at the age of seven, when Scott began singing and playing in Chillicothe, Ohio, where he then picked up his first gig at Saddie’s and Shorty’s Music Hall, earning him five dollars a song. In 2001, he made the life changing decision to move to Nashville, where he would play for anyone, anywhere at any time. Scott got a break with Tootsie's Orchid Lounge where he would play regular shows. In his years with Tootsie's, Scott has played with stars like Kid Rock, Montgomery Gentry, Chris Young, Kellie Pickler, and many more. And has gone on to perform internationally.

In early 2015, Scott visited Australia to walk the red carpet… and attend the 5th Annual CMC Awards and CMC festival. He also made a special guest appearance at the Ipswich Afterparty, and has left Australia audiences wanting more.

He has had airplay in major key markets in the United States for his debut single “My kind of Beautiful,” and second release single “Honky Tonk City” in 2014. “Honky Tonk City” is also the theme song for Scott’s new TV show that is currently being filmed.

Collier has also co-written songs with some of the biggest names in Nashville, including: Danny Wells (“These Days”, Rascal Flatts), Gary Hannan (“Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”), Marty Brown (“I’m From the Country”), Billy Gibbons (of ZZ Top), David Chamberlain and many more.

These experiences have lead Scott to be seen as one of the best live performers in the industry – no one leaves his shows without an experience to rave about.

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